6 Ways Intelligent Surveillance Protects Your Marina

In this article I’m going to share with you 6 ways intelligent surveillance protects your marina. These ways will cover:

Marinas and Harbours may gain significantly from the security and safety offered by advanced Intelligent Surveillance. With visitors and yachts continuously visiting and venue car parks, marina gift shops and dining establishments, marinas come with a variety of surveillance requirements.

There are a variety of advantages of having an intelligent surveillance system for Marina surveillance and below are:

6 Ways Intelligent Surveillance Protects Your Marina:

1. Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Intelligent Surveillance protects your marina with cameras that include thermal body temperature access control systems, which can be not only used for temperature checks but used with ticket reading and turnstile access to streamline the track-and-trace requirements for your customers. These measurement zone systems can measure groups of customers at once.

They also offer flow management systems for minimising staff interaction for areas of congregation such as refuelling, washing and repair facilities. An effective traffic light system, keeping zones within capacity to prevent overcrowding. Realtime and post-event analytics available for management monitoring, keeping in line with regulations.

protect your Marina with Intelligent Surveillance
Marina with boats waiting

2. Proactive vs Reactive

Today’s Intelligent Surveillance cameras are proactive, meaning they alert you by text as the crime is committed, that way you can give the police up-to-date information, instead of the old-style CCTV Security Systems, where you get a call from a boat owner telling you there has been a break-in.

These smart cameras often function as deterrents to criminal activity. So actively placed smart video cameras can help prevent vandalism at the marina saving you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds in costs. If criminals or vandals are caught on camera, the smart camera will supply valuable HD definition footage for prosecution.

3. Flexibility

The main benefit of installing an intelligent surveillance system at a marina is the scalability smart cameras offer. Smart surveillance systems are able to evolve as required. When a marina needs more detailed tracking extra cameras are easily connected to the network at a later date.

4. Improve Security

Setting up an intelligent surveillance system will assist the sensation of safety. Anyone using your Marina in the dark will feel safe knowing the Marina is under constant surveillance.

5. Decrease Liability

Visual proof provided via smart cameras may reduce blame in disputes involving mishaps on the jetty, a watercraft, or other marina facilities.

6. Reduce losses

Most Marinas consist of gift shops and dining establishments. Owners of Marinas may decrease losses by setting up smart cameras at important areas such as sales register and every exit and entry point.

These are just 6 ways intelligent surveillance protects your marina. There are many other benefits a smart intelligent surveillance system can bring to your marina, business and home.

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