What is a Smart Home?

What is a Smart Home?

What is a smart home and is it expensive? Learn how a smart home can save you money and time while not breaking the bank. Let us help you TODAY. FREE QUOTE NOW

In this article we answer the question, what is a smart home? and show you how having a smart home can benefit you.

What is a Smart Home?

Smart Homes have got more and more in demand over the last few years however a lot of us still aren’t really certain what having a Smart House involves.

In this particular post, we will clarify the principles of smart home life and how actually making minor modifications to your house can make your life much easier.

Home automation experts Control4 say, “Home automation is not just about giving you control over one specific aspect of your home, like your lights or televisions. It’s about many of the devices in your home being programmed to work in unison to create events (or scenes) that work to fit your specific lifestyle. For example, maybe you leave the house for work in a rush each morning and often forget that pesky closet light, to adjust the temperature, or to arm the security system. Automation allows—with the press of one button—for all of those things to happen simultaneously.”

what is a smart home

Basically, home automation is setting up a system that improves and streamlines daily life.

Home Automation can usually be broken down into groups:

  • Home Entertainment (TELEVISION & Stereo systems).
  • Home Wifi.
  • Smart Lighting.
  • Intelligent Surveillance.

You may be possibly feeling, I can’t afford to have an clever automated home because all this stuff sounds very expensive and I can’t afford it.

But you would be wrong because making your home smart can cost a lot but it doesn’t have to be.

You need to keep in mind that every home is generally different, everybody’s requirements are change so you need to shop around and get the best cost effective option for you.

This may be anything from smart lighting, networked home entertainment systems or a total rework. CWSmartTech have the whole thing covered and can create your home to be completely automated, making use of the absolute best and most current technological innovation. We use high-end brands like Bose, Control4, Bower & Wilkins, Savant, Sonace and Harmon Kardo


  • Control your room lights remotely via your smartphone or voice even or schedule them to come on just before you come home. For instance, in the early morning, increase the brightness slowly so that you can gradually get used to getting up. You could programme a bedtime button that can close all blinds and lock all the downstairs doors before setting the alarm and turning off all lights, making sure you and the family and dog are safe.
  • Set up your immersive audio systems to be controlled and streamed in every room making for every member of your family.
  • Leave your home with the peace of mind that you can monitor your intelligent surveillance system via your smartphone or tablet. With motion detection, you will receive real-time up-to-date texts as things happen.

We hope you can now understand how Smart Home systems can save you time and money as well as make your life a little easier.

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